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Therapist Academy is available soon - it will be home to a growing collection of resources
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Are You a Healing Practitioner Who Needs Support?

Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • As a newly qualified practitioner, you don't quite know where to begin with starting or growing your practice.
  • Your levels of stress, fatigue, or burnout are growing by the day. You are feeling increasingly exhausted, and want more energy.
  • You are currently in a job which leaves you feeling unfulfilled or disillusioned, and you want to find more meaningful work.
  • Fear, beliefs, or habits are holding you back from success, and you want to make changes so you can reach your full potential.
  • You feel at odds with much of the business advice available, and want to take a more heart-centred approach to your work.

How Joining the Therapist Academy Can Help...

The Academy will provide a learning centre for heart-centred coaches, therapists, healers, and wellness practitioners, who want to go to the next level with their work, and help more people, without suffering from burnout or overwhelm themselves.

This holistic health hub will provide a collection of resources which you can use to learn how to take a more soul-centred approach to your business, and also use for your own personal and spiritual growth.  After all, nothing highlights those pesky inner beliefs and limitations than becoming a wellbeing solopreneur and having to out yourself out into the world.

But real lasting change doesn't happen overnight - it takes time, learning, and a process of trial and error.  This is where buying individual workshops or one-time courses can pose a challenge.  There is an underlying assumption that as soon as you have the necessary information to hand, then you are good to go, and will immediately put what you have learnt into practice.  

The reality is that this rarely happens - it is much more likely that you will encounter blocks to your success in some form or another, whether these are internal, like mindset challenges, or external, like not knowing which resources will be most helpful for you next at your particular stage of the journey.

Joining the Academy will give you access to regular training tools, resources, and ongoing support all at an affordable price.  You can access a growing library of resources and tools at a time when it is convenient for you, and learn at a pace which suits your personal circumstances.

You will also be able to access online support and ask questions (because they are bound to come up), so you will never have to be alone on this journey again.

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you decide to become a subscriber...

Business planners
& workbooks

'Ask Daniella'
Q & A forum

learning modules

Holistic health
tools for wellbeing

Videos, articles,
& audio library

Meditations for
optimum mindset

Book notes
for more wisdom

business guidance

to support change

The Three Elements of  Wellbeing Service

There are three main elements which create the foundation for starting, growing, and maintaining a successful therapeutic practice.  These form the basis for all the resources within the Academy.  They are:

1 - Health: Protecting your own health and energy is vitality important for any person who is supporting others through their therapeutic work on a regular basis. Exhaustive conditions such as chronic fatigue or burnout are common in healing practitioners, but it is possible to move beyond these conditions and create long-term health supporting habits.

2 - Mindset:  Fear, unhelpful beliefs, and habitual ways of being in the world often take on heightened importance, and can negatively impact any therapist who ventures into the world of becoming a solopreneur.  But this can also be a path of self-empowerment if you choose to accept it.

3 - Business:  Authentic, heart-centred business skills are also necessary for any therapist, coach, or healer who wants to embark on a path of wellbeing service.  Unfortunately, most business advice is geared towards a very different, corporate-orientated market. It doesn't have to be this way - you can integrate a heart-centred approach and also make a living doing work you love.

Daniella Saunders - Mentorship for Wellness Practitioners
MA (Phil), BA (Hons), RGN

With over thirty years of healthcare experience, I have worked in a variety of wellbeing practitioner roles - including acute hospital care, GP surgeries, private healthcare, and running my own holistic health practice.  

My qualifications include Registered Nurse training, multiple professional diplomas in healthcare and behaviour change, health coaching accreditation,  an array of holistic therapy qualifications, plus masters and honours degrees in Philosophy, Religion, and Health.

I have run my own wellbeing practice for over fifteen years, and during this time, I also worked as a specialist practitioner in chronic exhaustive conditions, helping empathic and soul-centred people to create new habits, change their mindset, and optimise their energy levels.

Now I have combined this experience together, so that I can support the new generation of therapists, coaches, and healers, who are starting or growing their own practice.  So that together we can help more people, and create a better world.

Therapist Academy

If you are interested in subscribing to the Academy when it opens, then I invite you to pop your name down here, and I will keep you up to date with the latest news...